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The two types of offset presses you might use to print the books, brochures, posters, etc., that you design are sheetfed presses and web presses. The difference has to do with the format of the paper used in the printing process. To feed a sheetfed press, you would load the press with a stack of individual sheets. These might be anywhere from [...]

What is Foil Stamping?

WHAT IS FOIL STAMPING? A print brokering client of mine produces an annual case-bound book covering the past year’s activities of Congress. It is produced on a heatset web press. The fabric covered binder’s boards that comprise the hard-back cover are decorated with gold foil stamping, listing the title of the book, ISBN number, e [...]

Choosing a Name…

Business Identity You’d think that the hardest thing about choosing a business name would be the creativity you need to muster up to get just the right name. But it isn’t that easy. For one thing, the decision may not be totally in your hands. If you decide to incorporate, you have to make sure your name is acceptable to the secre [...]